Non Owner SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance is required when you have received a conviction for drunk driving or have had your driver’s license suspended for some other reason. If you intend to have your driver’s license reinstated before three years is out, you will need to have a SR22 insurance form filed. However, for some people, it is necessary for them to reinstate their license even though they do not own a car. In these cases, they must buy non owner SR22.

Non-Owner SR22 car insurance is pretty limited. While with other types of insurance you may add all of the coverage you want, with non owner SR22 car insurance you are only able to purchase your state’s liability limit. This can leave you very unprotected, especially if you would like some kind of medical coverage. However, if the person whose car you are driving with your non owner SR22 policy has coverage such as medical payment coverage, collision coverage, and so on, then that will cover the car even if you are driving it.

Non Owner SR22 Insurance

You cannot get non owner SR22 as a catch all policy, as it only covers certain cars. It doesn’t cover a car that you own, for example. It doesn’t cover you when you are driving a car that is owned by someone in your household, which is defined as someone who lives with you and is related by blood, marriage, or adoption. It does not cover you if the car you are driving is not technically yours but you use it regularly. Non owner SR22 car insurance is for the occasional use of other people’s cars.

The trouble with non owner SR22 insurance is that it often costs more than regular SR22 car insurance, since the car insurance company cannot use the type of car you are driving to determine what your car insurance rates will be.

It is pretty easy to buy a non owner SR22 insurance policy, and most companies sell them. When you will out your forms to purchase a policy, it is usually as simple as checking a box that states that you want to buy a non owner SR22 policy.